Bradshaw Rips Jimmy Clausen to Shreds

WNDU-TV reports that during a recent appearance promoting a RV company, Hall-of-Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw didn’t hesitate to speak his mind on rookie signal caller Jimmy Clausen, who he called “just another guy.” “I don’t like his motion,” Bradshaw explained. “I think he’s too slow. He played for such a big institution, I just thought he was way too slow with his delivery, way too much shoulder action. Physically, in the way he threw a football, I just didn’t like him.”

Mancini’s Take: Clausen has been getting pummeled by the media ever since he declared for April’s draft. His supposedly arrogant demeanor hasn’t done him any favors in that regard. But the one thing I will credit him for as far as his attitude goes is the courage he’s shown on the field to play with two torn ligaments in his right toe. Bradshaw isn’t off base in slamming the

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