Behind The Steel Curtain: On Location vs DET

Flash flood warnings and a one hour and thirteen minute downpour delayed the game at Heinz Field where the Pittsburgh Steelers where playing host the Detroit Lions, who have managed only two wins since the 2008 season.

Forrest Gump summed up the first half weather best: “Little bitty stringin’ rain and big ol’ fat rain, rain that flew sideways and sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath.”

Detroit Lions first round pick Jahvid Best said, “It was crazy one second it was just fine next second it was raining. I’ve never been in a game where we had to go inside because of rain.”

This was a night where veterans joke and relax and the rookies playing have a different perception of what is going on like Hines Ward, who said of the young players, “They are wide-eyed nervous but

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