BCS Policy For Bowl-Ineligible Teams

The 11 conferences that manage the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) today announced that teams that are ineligible for post-season play will be removed from computer ratings for the purposes of determining the BCS Standings.

Each of the six computer rankings providers have notified the BCS group that ineligible teams will still be included in the individual computer rankings during the regular season to ensure the integrity of the data and in fairness to opponents. But, for the purpose of determining the BCS Standings, ineligible teams will be removed from each computer ranking and all others below it moved up one position.

“Basically, we will take each computer ranking, remove the ineligible teams, and move all the teams below the open position up one spot. It’s fair, it’s consistent, it’s simple, and it’s transparent,” said Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the BCS. Read more…

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