BCS Bowls: Early Impact & Analysis

The BCS Bowls are still several weeks away but it’s never too early to make predictions. Here are some initial thoughts on the BCS Bowls.

Rose Bowl: January 1, 2011: Wisconsin vs. TCU: This one should help end some debate when it comes to the BCS Buster/non-AQ schools. Had Auburn or Oregon dropped a game it may have come down to these two schools for the Championship Game. Some believe that voters would have decided to leapfrog Wisconsin over TCU to keep “Cinderella” out of the dance, while others believe TCU proved their worthiness with an undefeated season. Looking at the Horned Frogs’ schedule, it says here that both Wisconsin (lost at Michigan State) and Stanford (lost at Oregon) would have gone undefeated had they played TCU’s slate. You might be able to make a similar case for a few other programs as well. So is the

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