Around The Web: Rookie Report – AFC East

Buffalo Bills: Though his coach was later in “downplay” mode, RB C.J. Spiller made quite an impression in Toronto, including a TD run. The darting, artful-dodging 31-yard touchdown was everything you need to know about why the Buffalo Bills drafted Spiller with the ninth overall pick in April’s draft. WR Marcus Easley recently underwent surgery to repair a left knee injury sustained two weeks ago.

Miami Dolphins: CBk Nolan Carroll believes he can be a game-changer on special teams this season as a kick returner for the Dolphins. Carroll, who has impressed as a cornerback as well, is a lock to make the roster. “Having the ability to be able to bring the ball back that kind of electricity I think is pretty important,” Coach Tony Sparano said.

New England Patriots: TE Aaron Hernandez has been the team’s most

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