Around the NFL: The Week 17 Ramble

The tournament is set. All 12 teams have earned their way to the post season and 11 of those teams have a winning record! Look, Seattle played by the rules and qualified for the playoffs. However, it’s pretty clear that changes need to be made regarding who qualifies, or at least the seeding process. There is no reason—especially considering that the NFL re-seeds after round one—that the teams shouldn’t be “re-seeded” prior to the start of the playoffs. It’s bad enough that Seattle made it; why give them a home game against a team that finished with four more wins than they did? If you re-seed after round one, why not re-seed all the way through? I await an answer.

At the beginning of the season I predicted who would make the playoffs. Out of 12 teams I nailed eight of them, including all four (so far)

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