Agents Litter Jared Crick With Brochures

NFL teams obviously are well aware of Jared Crick. The Sporting News rates him as the nation’s top college player, regardless of position. Agents send the Nebraska junior defensive tackle brochures and letters touting their services. He’ll look at the letters at the end of this season, Crick said Friday. For now, preseason camp is his priority, he said, along with winning a national championship and graduating. But he made it clear Friday he may face a tough decision after this season — although he insists he hasn’t thought much about the NFL to this point. “At the end of the year, I’ll have my talks with coach Bo (Pelini) and coach Carl (Pelini) about what I want to do, and especially my family,” Crick said. “Right now, it’s not even certain whether I’m going to leave after this year. I may stay for my senior year.”

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