Agent Nearly Persuaded John Moffitt

In early January, Offensive lineman John Moffitt was ready to leave the University of Wisconsin football team and jump to the NFL. A couple days after the Badgers’ victory over Miami (Fla.) in the Champs Sports Bowl. Moffitt talked to agents, who told him he could be picked as high as the third or fourth round. “I called him up [UW coach Bret Bielema and was like, ‘Coach, thanks for everything, but I’m going to move on,’ he said. Moffitt never signed anything or committed to an agent. But he was getting advice from one. “I don’t know if it was the best advice,” he said. It’s an example of how persuasive agents can be, especially catching an athlete at a vulnerable time. Moffitt also worried his pectoral muscle wasn’t completely healed for the bench press he would have to perform for scouts. As it turns out,

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