2011 Draftees Should Be In Radio City

One story that has generated some buzz this week was the (decertified) NFLPA allegedly asking the potential invitees to the 2011 NFL Draft (presumably their representatives) to boycott attending the festivities at Radio Music City Hall. If DeMaurice Smith, former Executive Director of the NFLPA, was trying to determine whether or not the players involved actually wanted to attend the draft, those players have every right to question this tactic. Former NFLPA President Troy Vincent walked that walk across the stage in 1992 after hearing his name called by the Miami Dolphins with the seventh overall selection. He got his handshake from the Commissioner. Vincent knows what that excitement felt like, and it’s easy to speculate that this topic would never have even come up if a former player such as Vincent was heading the union today. Perhaps it was with keen foresight (or a serious miscalculation) that

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