Teams Previously Aware of Dwyer’s Status

Joe Schad, of ESPN, reports Georgia Tech RB Jonathan Dwyer tested positive at the NFL scouting combine for amphetamines. However, Dwyer’s agent said teams were aware of his client’s medical history. “All 32 teams received notification prior to the combine that a medication he’s taken since childhood would likely result in a positive result at the combine,” agent Adisa Bakari said. “We provided the necessary medical documentation.” Dwyer said the medication is for an attention deficit disorder. The NFL calls Dwyer’s situation a “therapeutic use exemption,” according to a source. “I have had it since I was in the fifth grade,” Dwyer said. “Georgia Tech knew about it when I went there. The NCAA knew about it before every drug test I took there. And the league knew about it before the combine as they got several letters from my doctor who prescribed me the medication.”

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