Serritella: Carroll Shows Who’s The Boss

Taking a line fro Frank Sinatra, new Seattle head coach Pete Carroll has shown early that he will operate “My Way,” while conducting business on behalf of the Seahawks.

At USC, Carroll built a powerhouse squad, which some would classify a ‘dynasty’ and ran through the Pac-10 like an earthquake. Thus far, he has managed to make small tremors in his return to the NFL.

First, trading for Chargers third-string quarterback Charlie Whitehurst and anointing him the next quarterback of the franchise with $7M guaranteed over the next two seasons.

Now, Carroll is back at it again, returning to his USC roots in hopes of sprouting new life into an organization that has won just nine games over the past two seasons.

On Thursday, the team announced the signings of wide receiver Mike Williams and fullback Ryan Powdrell, both former Trojans.

But Williams isn’t

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