Scouts Question Evan Royster’s Speed


If Evan Royster hopes to become the first Penn State running back to get drafted in the first round since 2003, a weekend in February could be more important than any Saturday in the fall.

There’s not much left for Royster to do on the field. Barring injury, Royster, who has 2,918 career rushing yards, will pass Curt Warner and his 3,398 career yards to become the all-time leading rusher in Penn State history.

With consecutive 1,000-yard seasons and a career 6.1 yards per carry, NFL scouts are well aware of Royster’s productivity. Playing in the black-and-blue, better-bring-your-chinstrap Big Ten, there are few questions about Royster’s ability to take a pounding.

There are, however, concerns about Royster’s top-end speed. And it won’t be until February’s NFL Scouting Combine and Penn State’s March pro day that he will have the opportunity to answer those

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