Rosstradamus Ramble—Week 9

What a bizarre week of football. I can’t remember a group of games worse than those played at 1pm, nor can I remember a group of crazier games played at 4pm. Upsets, comebacks, wild finishes—everything we needed to make up for the soporific early games.

Was that elite enough for you? I’d hope so. Eli Manning, who had played mediocre at best for three quarters, played lights-out football in the fourth quarter to lead his Giants to a thrilling 24-20 win over the Patriots. It wasn’t thrilling for Giants fans for the first three quarters, at least offensively. Manning was 12-26 for 157 yards and a terrible interception through the first three acts of this four-act drama. But it’s the final act that matters most, and has throughout Manning’s career. In this version, he went 8-13 for 93 yards and two touchdown passes. He even threw in

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