Rosstradamus Ramble—Week 8

Week 8 is over, and some serious statements were made. Some, like the ones made by the teams that reside in Pennsylvania, were positive ones; others, like the one made by a certain quarterback, were…something else.

Not a Giant Victory…

The Giants defeated the winless Dolphins. They had to come from behind to do so, at home, but then the Giants always seem to play down to the level of their competition. I’m not sure why—and clearly neither is Coach Tom Coughlin—but one can write it off as “a win is a win” or one can be concerned about the team’s mental focus. It’s the same type of mentality that’s seen Big Blue falter at the end of nearly every season under Coughlin.

Eli Manning continued his outstanding season, going 31-45 for 349 yards and two touchdowns. Once again, he played interception-free football. However, despite

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