Rosstradamus Ramble—Week 4

Sanchez Looks (like) Lost

The Jets lost to the Ravens 34-17 on Sunday night, but the loss wasn’t the most alarming aspect of the evening. No, that would be the WAY they lost. Rex Ryan’s bunch gained a total of 150 yards, averaging two yards per rush and three per pass. That’s embarrassing regardless of the defense. They committed four turnovers and nine penalties and looked unlike a team that had been collectively humiliated in their last game. One would have expected the Jets to come out like a well-oiled machine, prepared for what everyone knew would be facing them in Baltimore. Instead, they played like a bunch of guys that had never met each other or spoken with their coaching staff.

We’ve seen the offensive issues before—they can’t run the ball, the wide receivers can’t seem to get into the game—and both of those are,

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