Rosstradamus Ramble—Week 1

The Giants lost to the Redskins, 28-14, and you shouldn’t be surprised. Sure, you can chalk it up to injuries if you want, but that’s too easy. The team did nothing to improve during the off-season; why should anyone expect the results to change? Eli Manning played poorly, going 18-32 for 268 yards with an interception and no touchdown passes. His performance was devoid of spirit. As a team, the Giants were a pathetic 1-10 on third down conversions, and the running back tandem of Bradshaw and Jacobs ran 19 times for 73 yards behind an offensive line that was shaky at best. That line also yielded four sacks. Eight penalties didn’t help, nor did the banged-up secondary. Rex Grossman played well, but at some point I thought the Giants would actually, ya know, cover Fred Davis…or hit a long pass…or convert a 3rd down. Injuries are part

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