Ricardo Lockett: "A 4.3 Forty Would Be Bad”

“At the airport,” says Ricardo Lockett. He’s on the other end of the phone as he waits to board his flight from Phoenix, Arizona, where he was training at Fischer Sports in preparation for the NFL Scouting Combine. There might not be another player attending the 2011 combine with more to prove and more ability to get that job done than Lockett.

Lockett is only hours away from landing in Indianapolis, Indiana. He will arrive as a relative unknown but may depart as the most talked about prospect of the 300 attending the combine. Fischer spoke highly of Lockett and discussed how coachable he was, especially when it came to his 40 technique. That’s where Lockett is poised to make his most impressive and memorable mark on this year’s combine.

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson ran his 4.24 40-yard dash back in 2008. Since then,

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