Harry Carson: Tom Coughlin ‘Dead Man Walking’

Speaking at a prostate cancer awareness engagement in Florham Park, NJ yesterday, former New York Giants Hall of Famer Harry Carson touched on several topics about the organization he helped earn two rings for entering the 2010 season.

With Tom Coughlin on the hot seat, there is no doubt that this is a make-it-or-break year for the New York Giants. And Carson had no qualms talking openly to the crowd on hand about Tom Coughlin’s job security, stating the Giants head coach enters the season as a ‘dead man walking’ and that a slow start to the season could mean an in-season change.

It should be noted that the two-time Super Bowl champion and nine-time pro bowler also stated that he has a close relationship with Mrs. Ann Mara (whom most consider the ‘real’ owner of the Giants) and that they have had conversations, which makes Carson

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