Ben Klein’s 2011 NFL Mock Draft — 06/22/10

NFL Draft Bible Analyst Benjamin Klein takes a look ahead at would could be the 2011 NFL Draft…

1. Buffalo Bills- Jake Locker, Quarterback, Senior, Washington

Bills need a franchise QB and Chan Gailey likes them mobile.

2. Tampa Bay Bucs- Robert Quinn, Defensive End, Junior, UNC

The idea of Quinn next to Gerald McCoy is already frightening.

3. St. Louis Rams- A.J. Green, Wide Receiver, Junior, Georgia

Bradford’s accuracy plus Green’s legs might equal greatness.

4. Denver Broncos- Marcel Dareus, Defensive End, Junior, Alabama

The Bronco’s defensive line needs a young cornerstone.

5. Cleveland Browns- Andrew Luck, Quarterback, Redshirt Sophomore, Stanford

In a good position organizationally to develop a young stud QB. Perfect fit.

6. Arizona Cardinals- Patrick Peterson, Cornerback, Junior, LSU

Not the Cardinals biggest need, but too

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