2012 NFL Draft: Diamond Hunters | Offense

Here’s a look at three diamonds in the rough selected on day three who could become key factors on the offense side of the ball for their respective teams.

Rd.4No.97: Dolphins – RB Lamar Miller, Miami

Although the team spent a second round pick on running back Daniel Thomas a year ago, the Dolphins felt the need for an insurance policy in case they opt not to re-sign Reggie Bush after the 2012 season. Entering his seventh season, Bush has failed to play an entire 16 game season since his rookie year. With the addition of Miller, Miami can afford to let Bush walk away if they so desire and maintain Thomas, who will fill the role as short yardage role. Look for Miller to flourish when opportunity arises!

Rd.5No.159: Steelers – RB Chris Rainey, Florida

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2012 NFL Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

Arizona Cardinals<br Jacory Harris, QB, Miami (invite)<br Jared Crank, FB, Purdue<br Tre Gray, WR, Richmond<br Marc Wilson, WR, St. Anslem<br Scott Wedige, OL, Northern Illinois<br Blake DeChristopher, OL, Virginia Tech<br Tevita Finau, DT, Utah<br Conrad Obi, DT, Colorado<br Broderick Binns, DL, Iowa<br Zach Nash, DE, Sacramento State<br Richetti Jones, DE, Oklahoma State<br Marcus McGraw, LB, Houston<br Paul Vassallo, LB, Arizona<br James Nixon, CB, Cal (Pa)<br Blake Gideon, S, Texas

Atlanta Falcons <br Dominique Davis, QB, East Carolina<br Casey Therriault QB, Jackson State University<br Robbie Frey, RB, Kutztown<br James Rodgers, WR, Oregon State<br Cody Pearcy, WR, Hamilton<br Mike Calvin, WR, California<br Lamark Brown, WR, Minn-Mankato<br Adam Nissley, TE, Central Florida<br Tyler Horn, OL, Miami<br

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2012 NFL Draft: Team-By-Team Selections

Rd.2No.55: C Peter Konz, Wisconsin, SR, 6050, 314, 5.12.
Rd.3No.91: OT Lamar Holmes, Southern Mississippi, SR, 6053, 323, 5.41.
Rd.5No.157: FB Bradie Ewing, Wisconsin SR, 5116, 4.76.
Rd.5No.164: LB Jonathan Massaquoi, Troy, SR, 6021, 264, 4.89.
Rd.6No.192: SS Charles Mitchell, Mississippi State, SR, 5106, 202, 4.63.
Rd.7N0.249: DT Travian Robertson, South Carolina, SR, 6041, 302, 5.32.

Rd.1No.13: WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame, JR, 6025, 220, 4.47.
Rd.3No.81: CB Jamell Fleming, Oklahoma, SR, 5105, 206, 4.53.
Rd4No.112: OT Bobbie Massie, Mississippi, SR, 6061, 316, 5.23.
Rd.5No.151: OG Senio Kelemete, Washington, SR, 6035, 307, 5.52.
Rd.6No.177: CB Justin Bethel, Presbyterian College, SR, 5115, 200, 4.58.
Rd.6No.185: QB Ryan Lindley, San Diego State, SR, 6036, 229, 4.90.
Rd.7No.221: OT Nate Potter, Boise State, SR, 6057, 303, 5.36.


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2012 NFL Draft Big Board Tracker

1.    Andrew Luck, Stanford, JR, 6040, 234, 4.67, 1st rd.  (No.1 Colts)
2.    Robert Griffin III, Baylor, JR, 6023, 223, 4.41, 1st rd.  (No.2 Redskins)
3.    Ryan Tannenhill, Texas A&M, SR, 6037, 221, 4.65, 1st rd.  (No.8 Dolphins)
4.    Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State, SR, 6034, 221, 4.87, 2nd rd.  (No.22 Browns)
5.    Kirk Cousins, Michigan State, SR, 6035, 215, 4.72, 2nd rd. (Rd.4No.102 Redskins)
6.    Nick Foles, Arizona, SR, 6050, 243, 5.14, 3rd rd. (Rd.3No.88 Eagles)
7.    Brock Osweiler, Arizonca State, JR, 6067, 242, 4.82, 3rd rd. (Rd.2No.57 Broncos)
8.    Aaron Corp, Richmond, SR, 6035, 215, 4.72, 5th rd.
9.    Russell Wilson, Wisconsin, SR, 5105, 204, 4.55, 5th rd.  (Rd.3No.75 Seahawks)
10.    Ryan Lindley, San Diego State, SR, 6036, 229, 4.90, 6th rd. (Rd.6No.185 Cardinals)
11.    BJ Coleman, Tennessee Chattanooga, SR, 6031, 233, 4.91, 6th rd. (Rd.7No.243 Packers)
12.    Dan Di Lella, Albany, SR, 6040,

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2012 NFL Draft: Round 1 Tweetcap

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Rd.1.No.1 #Colts Andrew Luck, Stanford, JR, 6040, 234, 4.67. Depth Chart: Drew Stanton Trevor Vittatoe. Suck4Luck pays off!

Rd.1.No.2 #Redskins Robert Griffin III, Baylor, JR, 6023, 223, 4.41. Depth Chart: Rex Grossman John Beck Jon Crompton. Shanny got his man

Rd.1.No.3 #Browns Trent Richardson, Alabama, JR, 5091, 228, 4.53. Depth Chart: Montario Hardesty Chris Ogbonnaya. #Workhorse

Rd.1.No.4 #Vikings Matt Kalil, USC, JR, 6065, 306, 4.99. Depth Chart: Charlie Johnson DeMarcus Love. Staple Opposite Loadholt

Rd.1.No.5 #Jaguars Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State, JR, 6007, 207, 4.49. Depth Chart: Mike Thomas Laurent Robinson. Finally a good receiver

Rd.1.No.6 #Cowboys Morris Claiborne, LSU, JR, 5111, 188, 4.50. Jerry Jones trades 75% of time in round1. Cowboys suck chants fill Radio City!

Rd.1.No.7 #Buccaneers SS

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NFL Draft 2013 & Beyond: Top 100 Prospects

1.    Matt Barkley, QB, USC, 6’2, 220, 4.75, SR (PAC-12)
2.    Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina, 6’5, 255, 4.65, SO (SEC)
3.    Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee, 6’5, 210, 5.15, JR (SEC)
4.    Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson, 6’1, 200, 4.45, SO (ACC)
5.    Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia, 6’2, 240, 4.80, JR (SEC)
6.    Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma, 6’4, 230, 4.75, SR (BIG 12)
7.    Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU, 6’4, 245, 4.60, JR (SEC)
8.    David Amerson, CB, North Carolina State 6’2, 195, 4.50, JR (ACC)
9.    Manti Te’o, ILB, Notre Dame, 6’2, 255, 4.60, SR (INDEPENDENT)
10.    Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas, 6’3, 220, 4.75, SR (SEC)
11.    Jackson Jeffcoat, OLB, Texas, 6’4, 250, 4.65, JR (BIG 12)
12.    Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina, 6’0, 230, 4.55, JR (SEC)
13.    Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M, 6’5, 305, 5.15 JR (SEC)
14.    Robert Woods, WR, USC, 6’1, 184, 4.45, JR

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2012 Final NFL Mock Draft

NFL Draft Bible Founder Rick Serritella’s Final 2012 NFL Mock Draft:

1 Indianapolis Colts: QB Andrew Luck, Stanford

The “Suck for Luck” dream becomes reality.

2 Washington Redskins (from St. Louis): QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor

Head coach Mike Shanahan can stop playing musical chairs at quarterback.

3 Minnesota Vikings: OT Matt Kalil, USC

Some scouts believe Matt is better than his Pro Bowl brother Ryan.

4 Cleveland Browns: RB Trent Richardson, Alabama

The team has stayed silent during free agency at this position.

5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: CB Morris Claiborne, LSU

<span style="color:

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2012 NFL Draft Big Board–The Top 850 Players


1.    Andrew Luck, Stanford, JR, 6040, 234, 4.67, 1st rd.  
2.    Robert Griffin III, Baylor, JR, 6023, 223, 4.41, 1st rd.
3.    Ryan Tannenhill, Texas A&M, SR, 6037, 221, 4.65, 1st rd.
4.    Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State, SR, 6034, 221, 4.87, 2nd rd.
5.    Kirk Cousins, Michigan State, SR, 6035, 215, 4.72, 2nd rd.
6.    Nick Foles, Arizona, SR, 6050, 243, 5.14, 3rd rd.
7.    Brock Osweiler, Arizona State, JR, 6067, 242, 4.82, 3rd rd.
8.    Aaron Corp, Richmond, SR, 6035, 215, 4.72, 5th

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2012 NFL Free Agent Tracker | Player Signings


(Based on official notification to NFL office as of 4/20/12)

1)     125 UNRESTRICTED free agents signed with a NEW team:





Arizona Cardinals

DB William Gay



DB James Sanders



G Adam Snyder

San Francisco


Baltimore Ravens

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Podcast: 2012 NFL Draft Bible Preview Show

The NFL Draft Bible Familia unites to preview the 2012 NFL Draft! Hosted by Ric Serritella and Joe Everett, with guest appearances by Ralph Mancini and Bo Marchionte. We break it all down from risers to sliders, booms and busts. Plus, the best QB prospect no one is talking about Dan Di Lella of Albany and Bobby Deren, Author of ‘Draft Season.’ Two hours of commercial-free radio that will have you fully primed for draft weekend. This is the biggest show of the year!