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Week 4 Expeditious NFL News & Notes

Expeditious NFL News & Notes is put together to provide a wide range of number oriented morsels especially suited to those who crave the delicacy and nerdy-ness of NFL statistics, news, notes and just about anything that can be put to the mix. If you’re not quoting one note each week, I’m not doing my job.


New England Patriots – Since 2009 the Patriots are 15-0 when having 30 or more rushing attempts per game, which means they are 12-9 overall in games where they failed to reach 30 attempts. Why did I bring this up? After every loss since 2009 in which the Patriots went on to win the next game they have stayed grounded, carrying the ball 30 or more times in five of six of those games resulting in a 6-0 record. In week three they lost to

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Scout’s Notebook: Nebraska@Wisconsin


Nebraska’s first shot at conference play as the newest member of the Big Ten wasn’t one for the time capsule in a humbling 48-17 loss to Wisconsin. While the Blackshirts remained competitive throughout the first quarter, the Badgers were just too big and disciplined for a Cornhusker group that looked spent and confused for much of the night last Saturday.

Big uglies clear the way

Although there’s been a lot of Heisman buzz regarding Badger quarterback Russell Wilson in recent weeks, Wisconsin’s mauling front five is the team’s true dominant force. In fact during the first five weeks of the season, the offensive line has been pounding opponents into submission on regular basis.

But one popular misconception about the line is that it is composed of

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Rosstradamus Ramble—Week 4

Sanchez Looks (like) Lost

The Jets lost to the Ravens 34-17 on Sunday night, but the loss wasn’t the most alarming aspect of the evening. No, that would be the WAY they lost. Rex Ryan’s bunch gained a total of 150 yards, averaging two yards per rush and three per pass. That’s embarrassing regardless of the defense. They committed four turnovers and nine penalties and looked unlike a team that had been collectively humiliated in their last game. One would have expected the Jets to come out like a well-oiled machine, prepared for what everyone knew would be facing them in Baltimore. Instead, they played like a bunch of guys that had never met each other or spoken with their coaching staff.

We’ve seen the offensive issues before—they can’t run the ball, the wide receivers can’t seem to get into the game—and both of those are,

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Todd Graham | Pitt Faithful Show Optimism

First-year coach Todd Graham is known for his high octane offense. Prior to being hired at Pitt, Graham’s offense scored 40 points or more per game in three of the four seasons he was calling the shots at Tulsa. Now the Big East has been put on notice as his style is starting to mesh with the players he has been coaching the last ten months. “It finally felt like that Pitt offense, that high octane offense,” said Ray Graham after the Panthers posted the most points (44) and yards (523) against their highest ranked opponent of the season, #14 South Florida.

“We’re close and this is just one game, but we’re close because all of us have really come together,” Coach Graham noted after

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