On The Clock: No. 6 Cleveland Browns

On The Clock: No. 6 Cleveland Browns: 5-11, 3rd In the AFC North

General Manager: Tom Heckert (2nd Year), Head Coach: Pat Shurmer (1st Year), Offensive Coordinator: Chris Beake (1st Year), Defensive Coordinator: Dick Jauron (1st Year)

Offense Rankings: No. 29 Overall, No. 31 Scoring, No. 29 Passing, No. 20 Rushing

Defense Rankings: No. 22 Overall, No. 13 Scoring, No. 18 Passing, No. 27 Rushing

The Five Year Plan – Record: 28-52; Last Playoff Appearance: 2002; Last Playoff Victory: 1994 (20-13 Over the New England Patriots)

2010 Draft: (1-7) CB Joe Haden, (2-38) S TJ Ward, (2-59) RB Montario Hardesty, (3-85) QB Colt McCoy, (3-92) OG Shawn Lauvao, (5-160) CB Larry Asante, (6-177)

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On The Clock: No. 5 Arizona Cardinals

On The Clock: No. 5 Arizona Cardinals: 5-11, 4th In the NFC West

General Manager: Rod Graves (10th Year), Head Coach: Ken Whisenhunt (5th Year), Passing Coordinator: Mike Miller (1st Year/5th With Team), Defensive Coordinator: Ray Horton (1st Year)

Offense Rankings: No. 31 Overall, No. 26 Scoring, No. 31 Passing, No. 32 Rushing

Defense Rankings: No. 29 Overall, No. 30 Scoring, No. 23 Passing, No. 30 Rushing

The Five Year Plan – Record: 37-43; Last Playoff Appearance: 2009; Last Playoff Victory: 2010 (51-45 Over the Green Packers)

2010 Draft: (1-26) DT Dan Williams, (2-47) LB Daryl Washington, (3-88) WR Andre Roberts, (4-130) OLB O’Brien Schofield, (5-155) QB John Skelton, (6-201) DB Jorrick Calvin, (7-233) TE Jim Dray


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Podcast: Gil Brandt, Godfather of the Draft

One of the most respected and accomplished draft minds of our time, Gil Brandt shares with us stories about the beginnings of how the NFL Draft got its roots and has become what it is today. Brandt served under Tex Schramm and worked for the Dallas Cowboys from 1960 – 1988. You can now hear the former NFL exec NFL Sirius Radio.


The Evolution of the NFL Scouting Combine

INDIANAPOLIS, IN–Some look at Super Bowl Sunday as the day football goes into hibernation until August, which is when pre-season football gets underway.

Au contraire, mon frère. You are mistaken if you think football is fast asleep until the hot summer days of late July and August. It’s buzzing more than the bees at the break of spring with activity from morning to night. Scouts, coaches and GM’s are readying their draft boards, and no other place brings the NFL together like the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana in late February, and the annual NFL Draft that’s held in New York City in late April.

While the cheese heads cherish their well deserved fourth Super Bowl trophy, everyone else is attempting to get the jump on the defending Super Bowl Champions by finding and selecting the next Aaron Rodgers or Clay Matthews.

What is

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2011 Pre-Combine Two Round Mock Draft

Round 1

The Panthers need instant offense in the worst way and while most folks might think that giving up on Jimmy Clausen this early in his career might be a mistake, there’s simply too many reasons to not pass on Cam Newton. Newton has the necessary size, arm strength, and mobility needed to excel at the next level.

Bowers is exactly what the Broncos need to rebuild their team and start the switch back to the 4-3 defense. Bowers is an extremely athletic specimen that can beat tackles off the edge with his quickness and great range. He would fit in either scheme but he’ll

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On The Clock: No. 4 Cincinnati Bengals

On The Clock: No. 4 Cincinnati Bengals: 4-12, 4th In the AFC North

General Manager: Mike Brown (21st Year), Head Coach: Marvin Lewis (9th Year), Offensive Coordinator: Jay Gruden (1st Year), Defensive Coordinator: Mike Zimmer (4th Year)

Offense Rankings: No. 20 Overall, No. 22 Scoring, No. 13 Passing, No. 27 Rushing

Defense Rankings: No. 15 Overall, No. 24 Scoring, No. 14 Passing, No. 19 Rushing

The Five Year Plan – Record: 33-46-1; Last Playoff Appearance: 2009; Last Playoff Victory: 1991 (41-14 Over the Houston Oilers)

2010 Draft: (1-21) TE Jermaine Gresham, (2-54) DE Carlos Dunlap, (3-84) WR Jordan Shipley, (3-96) CB Brandon Ghee, (4-120) DT Geno Atkins, (4-131) LB Roddrick Muckelroy, (5-52) OT Otis Hudson, (6-191) WR Dezmon Briscoe, (7-228) C Reggie Stephens

<span style="color:

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Ricardo Lockett: "A 4.3 Forty Would Be Bad”

“At the airport,” says Ricardo Lockett. He’s on the other end of the phone as he waits to board his flight from Phoenix, Arizona, where he was training at Fischer Sports in preparation for the NFL Scouting Combine. There might not be another player attending the 2011 combine with more to prove and more ability to get that job done than Lockett.

Lockett is only hours away from landing in Indianapolis, Indiana. He will arrive as a relative unknown but may depart as the most talked about prospect of the 300 attending the combine. Fischer spoke highly of Lockett and discussed how coachable he was, especially when it came to his 40 technique. That’s where Lockett is poised to make his most impressive and memorable mark on this year’s combine.

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson ran his 4.24 40-yard dash back in 2008. Since then,

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Draft Diary #2: Mike Mohamed: 2/22/11

Former California inside linebacker Mike Mohamed makes his second draft diary entry as he leaves for Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine.

Draft Diary #2 – 2/22

To prepare for the draft, I’ve been spending six days a week at Athletes Performance facilities in Los Angeles. It’s an intense schedule, but they have the best of the best here to help us each day. Willie McGinest works with me and the other linebackers. Willie is a great coach, and he’s also a two-time Pro Bowler and three-time Super Bowl champ with the Patriots, which isn’t too bad. I spend a lot of my workout time with Mason Foster from Washington and Chris Carter from Fresno State, two other linebackers. It’s really helpful working out

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Podcast: Ramon Broadway, Arkansas

The secondary of the Arkansas Razorbacks last season was nicknamed the ‘Brick Squad’ – a name created by today’s guest Ramon Broadway. Broadway was enjoying one of his finest seasons before getting injured October 30th against Vanderbilt which caused him to miss the final five games including the Sugar Bowl. Despite the time missed, the defensive back from Shreveport, Louisiana tallied 38 tackles tying him for eighth on the team. Bringing the NFL stars of tomorrow to you today on the NFL Draft Bible Player Spotlight Show, hosted by Bo Marchionte.